About This Blog

Homeschooling is a journey! This is our third year on our journey! As most homeschool parents know, there is a lot of trial and error and a lot of sharing of ideas along the way.
I am currently homeschooling my daughter, hereby referred to as Princess Buttercup, who is finishing up first grade. My son, Little Bear, will be starting Kindergarten in fall. This blog shares our experiences from start to finish of the school year!
Maybe this will help you to figure out how to homeschool your own child or learn a little more about what it is all about. Maybe it will give you ideas or encouragement along your own homeschool journey!
I post about choosing curriculum, scheduling your day, overcoming obstacles, "socialization" and fun craft and activity ideas!
If you are just needing a break or refreshing, visit Fill My Cup's Home page!


  1. I am just starting out with homeschooling. I am scared and excited. I am going to bookmark you blog. I have started a blog for our homeschooling adventure too.

    1. Great! Go ahead and post the link to your blog here and I will check it out!