Monday, January 7, 2013

Celebrate the Small Stuff

I am so excited to begin this second half of the school year. Yes, I was a little burnt out come Christmas, but now I am ready to go.  I want to keep to my pledge to make this the best school year ever!

Here are a few little things that I am doing to keep going:

1) Take breaks...lots of them. BREATHE.

2) Pray....lots.

3) Smile...lots.

4) Go outside. I know for me this is the hardest time of year to get outdoors because I hate being cold. But do it anyway. It gives your body fresh air, your mind something new to observe, and those kids open range to play and feel the energy flow through them that only nature provides.

5) Celebrate the small stuff. Find those awkward holidays and do something special for them. For example -- last week was the Grimm Brothers Birthday. We read Grimm stories during reading, even one in Spanish for Spanish class, and had a late night watching Grimm-based Disney movies. It was so much fun! Who says learning can't be fun??

Today is National Bird Day. So we made feeders out of oranges. There is always ways to brighten your day and give you the needed motivation. Sometimes you just have to look and be creative!

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