Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy Bliss

I want to apologize to my readers from this summer. I have not posted a single thing since school began. If you have been reading along, you will know that I promised to make this the best school year ever (Confessions of a Bad Homeschool Mom) and I have given it my all! However, being so preoccupied with our school year, I set aside blogging for a while, then I just wasn't doing it because I was out of the habbit. Then, soccer season hit (I imagine a few moms nodding here). Which brings me to now.

How is it going? Well, I must say that so far (3 weeks from half-way) we are succeeding in having the best homeschool year yet!

Do I like the curriculum we chose? I sure do! And my kids are flourishing! Princess is reading like a pro, adding three digit numbers and carrying, and learning to write the best complete sentences around! Brother Bear is reading! He can read short sound, short sentence books all by himself and is quickly learning the long-vowel words! He is beginning to add (+1) as well!

As we roll into the holidays there are so many fun things to do! I will attempt to do better at sharing, now that we are on a roll! Thanks for reading! I hope your year is the best yet as well!

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